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Welcome to the official website for Ian Simpson, the Liverpool-based church buildings consultant and historian. Please use the links above to navigate around the site, which will work better if you have "JavaScript" enabled in your browser. This site doesn't leave any cookies on your computer.

Reflecting on Five Years as Heritage Officer

As part of a series of evening talks at St. Mary's Church in Prescot during the summer of 2018, Ian will be reflecting on five years in post as Heritage Officer for the Diocese of Liverpool. Ian was the first person ever to be appointed to such a post in Liverpool as one of a national network of Places of Worship Support Officers funded by Historic England. He will be sharing some of the fascinating things he has learned since June 2013, talking about the importance of maintaining church buildings and keeping them open, celebrating some of the people he has met and looking at what the future might hold for Liverpool's Listed churches. This talk is scheduled for the evening of July 4th and full details will follow here shortly.

Tales From The Inner City, or "Controversy, Typhoid and the Motorway That Never Was"

Ian presented a talk entitled "Tales From The Inner City" at the Historic Religious Buildings Association's "Big Update" event in London on December 6th, 2017. As well as telling the stories of five Toxteth Churches and some of the remarkable people associated with them, Ian was aiming to create positive publicity at a national level for Toxteth and its hugely important religious heritage. Did you know that Toxteth has five Grade I Listed places of worship and five more listed at Grade II*?

If you want to view the slides illustrating the presentation (in PDF format) then follow this link (opens in a new tab or window). A version of the talk - not an exact transcript, but it's reasonably close - complete with some extra notes is available here (also in PDF format).